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The author of this site, Tim McAtee, is a researcher, writer, and marketing strategist focused on digital media marketing and media economics. All opinions expressed on this website are Tim’s and Tim’s alone, and do not reflect the opinions of his employers or clients. The intent is that this site can become a public repository for all the fascinating facts, figures, and ideas that someone lucky enough to be in research comes across on a daily basis.  Tim currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, was formerly a resident of New York City and Detroit, and hails from Chicago.

About 4 zillion people out there claim to be media experts and marketing gurus.  Maybe Tim is one of these people, maybe not.  Here’s a sampling of Tim’s work to date.  You can decide if Tim is the real deal.

ipg lab logoTim has been working for the IPG Emerging Media Lab since January 2011, first as their Research Director, and now as the VP of Research Product Development.  Tims gets to build entirely new tools for quantifying consumer response, put innovative new methods of advertising and marketing technology through their paces, and occasionally play with fun new tech toys (eye-tracking goggles being the current favorite play-thing). Some highlights of the last two years have been (in no particular order): two ground-breaking studies for the video ad network YuMe which quantified natural ad avoidance and evaluated video advertising across multiple screens (phone, PC, TV) to see how each screen performs as a marketing vehicle; doing ground-breaking research for the IAB, SAY Media, and Undertone in which we combined eye-tracking and facial-coding analysis using only video from the webcam of a survey taker using their own computer in their own home; and, of course, getting the chance to work with amazing clients like The New York Times, AOL, Clear Channel, Yahoo!, Schwab, and USA Today on their most innovative ad products.

Previously, Tim wrote for eMarketer, Econsultancy, and worked as the Director of Research for, overseeing the creation of one of the largest marketer panels in the world, while using it to produce original research.

The State of Social Media was a comprehensive look at social media from a marketing perspective.  This 242 page report contains the results of a large-scale survey of 5,000+ marketers, as well as the collected wisdom gained from interviews with social media experts and best-of secondary data sources looking at consumer usage of social media.  Tim was the sole author, researcher, and analyst for this report.

The Digital Marketing Factbook is an ongoing series of best-of research on a variety of marketing topics.  Tim wrote much of the analysis for the first edition and continued in the role of lead curator.   While serving as the Research Director, every bit of data that got published in this series was at one point vetted by Tim.  MarketingProfs research is available for purchase in the MarketingProfs Research Store.

Beginning in 2005, Tim began creating websites on a freelance basis.  The goal was never to become a full-time web designer, but simply to gain a better understanding of how the internet itself works.  It is a firmly held belief that the best teacher is experience.  There is no better way to learn than to do.

During his time as a Senior Analyst at MarketingSherpa, Tim produced a whole range of Benchmark Reports on topics such as Online Advertising, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and Marketing With Video. Tim contributed two chapters and his research expertise for the creation of MarketingSherpa’s second edition of their famous Landing Page Handbook–a bible among web designers trying to increase their website’s conversions to sales.

From 2004 to 2007 Tim worked in the New York Office of Ogilvy & Mather, first starting as an analyst with the media division known as mOne, then helping to start Neo@Ogilvy as their first Research Manager.  This was an amazing opportunity

to build a company from the ground up while working with clients like Ameritrade (one of the top spenders in online marketing at the time) and HSBC, and to help guide the digital marketing strategy of IBM (you may have heard of them).  In addition to the day-to-day work of helping search marketers and media planners source the data they needed, Tim built custom analytics plans, models for emerging media adoption, and trained the rapidly growing staff of Neo@Ogilvy to be data ninjas.

Tim started his career as an Internet Media Analyst for GM Planworks, the media buying and planning operation for all of General Motors Automotive divisions.  Tim got an early look at what a few billion dollars in market spend will get an advertiser.  Tim would like to publicly apologize for his very small role in the release of the Hummer 2.  He was young and didn’t know any better.

While still in college, Tim worked in the local rock radio station in Bloomington Illinois (long since taken over by Clear Channel) as a producer of local radio spots.  Tim still enjoys spending quality time with digital editing software producing music, as well as the occasional video.