Blissfully SaaS-y

Some research I ran over the summer of 2019 for is now public, and while I’m obviously biased, I think it’s quite interesting. If you’ve ever checked out TrueBill or Trim (one of those apps that finds all your subscriptions and helps you manage them) then you have a basic understanding of how Blissfully works. They do the same thing, but on a much larger scale and across all employees at large companies. Let’s say an employee signs up for three SaaS subscriptions (like Dropbox, Slack, and SurveyMonkey), then quits. How does IT even know about it, much less manage that? That’s where Blissfully steps in. They offer IT departments a centralized dashboard showing all users of every SaaS subscription across the organization.

While not every data point we collected will see the light of day, they did release the majority of the report I prepared as part of their content marketing efforts. Have a look, if you’re curious. I think it’s a worthwhile service and look forward to seeing how they build out more advanced functionality in the coming months and years.

SaaS Trends: IT & Compliance Edition 2019