Catching Up

Starting in January 2011 I became the one-man research department for the IPG Media Lab. If you’re not familiar with the Lab, imagine the place where the scarily accurate marketing technology featured in the movie Minority Report was invented, and you have a pretty good idea of what it’s like. (or just press play)

Six months later, I finally have a minute to catch my breath and write a bit. So, sorry if this post is kind of lame–I’m just going to zip through what I’ve been up to. I intend to spice things up a bit moving forward and focus more on cool new tech instead of talking about myself. Anyways, you can get a taste here of the kind of work I’ve been doing lately:

#1. I wrote a lengthy report on Marketing Automation Best Practices for Econsultancy that you can check out here: It’s full of all sorts of fun tid-bits on how robots will be doing your job more efficiently in the immediate future. Yes, I’m serious.

#2. My first big project with the IPG Media Lab was for a cool online video ad network called YuMe. They had this wacky idea that TV isn’t really measured well since it doesn’t account for people simply ignoring ads–e.g. using a trip to the fridge as a low-tech DVR. So, we put together a high-tech way to monitor people as they watched TV and record their attention levels, then did the same for people watching video on the web to see how the two compare. I won’t ruin the surprise, but if you’re interested, my client put together this (slightly over-exuberant) video to show off the results.