Look Ma, I’m on TV

It is a very surreal thing to see yourself on the evening news. I knew going into this that news editors have a tendency to take 15 minutes of intelligent discourse and then use the 15 seconds where you sound like a complete moron, so I was kind of dreading seeing this. It turns out that it’s not too alarmist, though they do still take the whole BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU angle. I think what people are really afraid of is that they don’t know how data collected about them is being used. There’s very little transparency when you walk into a store or swipe your credit card around what data is being collected or the ends to which that data will be used. I think if businesses were more up-front about the trade-offs and benefits to consumers, they’d be more comfortable with new tech. I’d love to see businesses actively create more accessible messaging about the data they collect and how it benefits their customers.